Purchase Notice:

When you purchase products with different models or values, e.g. resistors, please specify the required models/values and quantity in ‘Remarks’ fields in Step One “Delivery Information” when making payment. Refer screenshots for reference.

Payment Method:

We accept PayPal and Bank Transfer. We recommend you use:
PayPal if your purchase total is below USD300
Bank Transfer if your purchase total is or over USD300
  (additional 5% fee will be charged if using PayPal over USD300.)

Note: If your total purchase is below USD50, an administrative fee of USD5.00 will be charged.

Learn more about PayPal or visit their website!

Product Delivery:

Point to note:
1. The marked price of all products does not include handling and shipping fee.
2. The marked weight is the net weight (Kg) of the product.

After your payment is made, we will pack the product and notify you of the total weight, and then suggest one of the following delivery channels:

and calculate the handling and shipping fee in due course.
You can also suggest your own delivery means.
If you do not receive any notification within one week, email us webmaster@myaudio.hk .

Normally the product will be delivered within one week from Hong Kong after the handling and/or shipping fee is settled.